The Greatest Cupcake Ever!!

I admit, I’m no expert on cupcakes. I hardly ever eat them, and I haven’t enough experience to judge them well. I’ve never had them in France, or Belgium, or wherever cupcakes are on the 5 star menu.

However, this cupcake was made by my friend Sarah, an aspiring pastry chef who brought over a sample of jelly filled cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. They were delicious.

Furthermore, the cupcake was divided evenly between the tasters by R2D2 from Star Wars, the greatest droid in history!! In my opinion, it was the greatest cupcake I have ever had.

Bwee be bobo bo bwee be boop!


Kitchen Fun Kimchi

Last week I was inspired to do a kitchen experiment and recruited some friends to make kimchi.
It was a straight forward recipe, so I didn’t feel the need to keep notes on how much I used, but I can still share the method.

What I used was:
Daikon radish
Chili powder

I chopped up the cabbage, radish and onion.
Next I diced the garlic, and ginger.
I mixed everything in a large pot adding a little sugar (maybe 3tbs), and lots of salt and chili powder. Then I mixed everything again.
At the end, all the vegetables were coated in a little salt, and a decent amount of chili powder.
I let everything sit for 10 minutes, letting the salt draw out the liquid of the cabbage and radish. The I sealed the contents of the pot into 7 clean jars and left them in a cool space on my counter.
Over the next few days, the natural enzymes of the cabbage caused the inside of the jar to pickle with all the spices, releasing natural sugars and macrobiotics.
When we next opened the jars we had our kimchi, which then vanished after a few days. It’s was delicious.

In the spirit of my last post, and because I see this kind of shot on some of my favorite cooking blogs, I added the lomo effect to all the pictures.