Photo Contest

I have just entered my first photography contest.

The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest sends me updates every year. In the past I haven’t entered, but this year I felt it would be nice to enter and try something new, come what may.

Please check it out the link below if you are so inclined. It is one of my favorites from Varanasi this year.

🙂 🙂 🙂

PS. The smiley faces are the link. 😉

Never Far

I finally got the Nikon film developed from my trip to Varanasi!

When I held up the slide shots to the light, I was pleasantly surprised. The one shot I had the most hope for, a little Indian girl with bright blue eyes, didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

However other shots jumped out at me. A red tea stall. A snake charmer’s cobra, and a small dog suffering sleeping in the back streets.

I’m thinking of framing some of these. Especially the one of the dog. It’s an element which those who have gone to India would be hard pressed to miss, and with the picture India is never far from my mind.

The Greatest Cupcake Ever!!

I admit, I’m no expert on cupcakes. I hardly ever eat them, and I haven’t enough experience to judge them well. I’ve never had them in France, or Belgium, or wherever cupcakes are on the 5 star menu.

However, this cupcake was made by my friend Sarah, an aspiring pastry chef who brought over a sample of jelly filled cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. They were delicious.

Furthermore, the cupcake was divided evenly between the tasters by R2D2 from Star Wars, the greatest droid in history!! In my opinion, it was the greatest cupcake I have ever had.

Bwee be bobo bo bwee be boop!

Slowly Seeing

My personal challenge for this month is to go out with my camera more.

Being back home can throw ones mind back into the old habits of seeing things as dull, or ordinary. Slowly, I’m hoping some more consistent photography can help with that, even in familiar soundings.

I also started playing with watermarks. In many cases they can distract from a picture, sacrificing aesthetic for security, which there can only be so much of on the internet.

However this does not have to be the case. Check out Leanne Cole on wordpress. I enjoy her photos, and I like how she has marked her online work. The watermark signature is stylized, nicely placed, and doesn’t distract from the photograph as brazenly as most others do.