Dealing with Over-Exposure Pt 3: Surprise!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, the shots I initially worked on were staged and were taken at a higher exposure. But it didn’t take long to take an overly-bright shot completely by accident.
I was taking a walk around the village when a woman from another town approached me on the same road carrying her crop of barley. I made way for her to pass, and snapped this shot before heading down the path.
I didn’t have much hope for this picture, honestly. The sky was so bright I wasn’t sure if I could draw any color out of it, and if I tired my black and white method I wasn’t sure if I would lose shade tones would look too similar to be be interesting.
(Of course, this is all my own likes and dislikes of B&W photos.)
It only took a few minutes on Photoshop, adjusting color and black points to see that there was much more potential here than I thought. I even saved a edited color version where the I shortened the green scale, and added a soft gradient layer around the edge for fun, like in the lomo photos.
The first picture is the original.
The second is my first color shift.
The last one was made by applyingthe B&W method I posted earlier.
I’m really enjoying this. It’s like a puzzle, and it’s only finished when I say “There. I like that.”
Try it out.


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