Here’s to Progress

After a few years of consistently taking photographs, I feel as if I am getting an idea of how I like to approach photography.
Mostly when I travel, there are themes and techniques which I prefer using over others, for instance:
1. Since I often travel to Indian pilgrimage sites I have lot of photos of pilgrims and monks.
2. Because I am generally moving from one place to another, most of my shots of people are at eye level, or shooting down from a high place.
At the same time I constantly question various methods and themes which I don’t normally try.
There is room for improvement, thus I want to challenge myself and take a wider variety of photos which focus on various technical elements and themes.
So here is my challenge. Every week, I will try to utilize a different shooting method, post production technique, or explore a new theme to improve my understanding of photography, and widen my view.


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