The Lomo Effect

I’ve been taking photos for a long time, but I haven’t done much post production editing with colors and so on. I did a few for fun, but the vast majority of my shots are un-edited. I figured, this is how the place where I took the picture looked at the time when I took it. So I didn’t buy much into making my pictures look too different.

Then I start seeing retro-looking photos everywhere. On blogs, on Facebook profiles, and even on photography sites of people I know. I can understand why it’s attractive. It has a look of a time before digital color enhancement, the kind of look which makes people say “Classic!”

The effect which I saw the most was the Lomo effect. I hear this name comes from an old Russian camera, the Lomo LC-A which was a knockoff of some other camera. The pictures it took didn’t develop well and distorted colors. Then, sometime in the 90’s, the stylized look of the Lomo Camera developed into a cultural fad, popularizing the Lomo style of film development. The Lomo style camera itself also became a popular item. I’ve seen a few on the shelves of chic clothing and novelty shops.

Not wanting to buy a Lomo camera myself, I became curious how I could emulate the same effects. Even if I don’t use the processing methods, learning about post production is always a good skill for photographers. I found two good websites with give step by step instructions which I have linked below

The first link comes from the DPS (Digital Photography School) website, which you may need to subscribe to.

The second link looked better to me because it was only a few steps and used adobe Photoshop which I am familiar with.

Here are a few shots I experimented with.


One thought on “The Lomo Effect

  1. If you have an android phone, not sure about apple, but there is an app that takes lomo photos, I’ve been playing with it a bit, lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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