The Weather Report Pt 1: Feel the Thunder

It’s the time of year when the weather heats up in North India, and the season when weather watching becomes one of the more interesting pastimes. As most of India heats up, that heat travels north as a tremendous warm front until it hits the icy wall of the Himalayas. The warm air is rapidly cooled and transforms into massive thunder clouds which, unable to cross the mountains to Tibet, fall back onto the foothills causing massive storms.

Here in the foothills it is now spring, so the monsoons haven’t started. During the day, the weather is perfect. The sun is out, and there’s a breeze. But by early afternoon, clouds begin rolling in from the mountains. Clouds that look like they should have been in Miyazaki’s movie ‘Castle in the sky’. Then in there evening the wind and thunderstorms howl, which can shake the concrete buildings, and shatter windows. It’s like no storm I’ve even been in anywhere else. I’ve timed a few thunder claps on my watch, and some roll on for 30 seconds or more.

So if anyone were to ask me “how’s the weather up there?” I would say, “Awesome.” XD It’s my preference, though it come with the inconvenience of knocking out all electricity, sometimes for days, which doesn’t bode well for my school work which is all translated on the computer. But when the power goes out at night during a storm, I climb onto the roof, (not the best idea) with my camera (an even worse idea) and take shots of the lightning.

Here are some of my initial shots. I hope to do another post on lightning soon.


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