The Royal Gallery

The Royal Enfield motorcycle is the Harley Davidson of India.
It’s not official, but I’m sure everyone’s thinking it.
It has been sold in India since 1949, and since 1957 has been produced in India as one of its most prized motorcycles.
It was even the official motorbike for the Indian army and police force in 1955, and even today the distinct mustard yellow bikes of city police can be found parked all over New Delhi.
After five years of hearing their single cylinders roar by, I can now distinguish an Enfield from any other vehicle on the road by sound alone. I am not very into auto mechanics, but I love seeing these bike on the road.
I still have a collection of photos, collected over an entire year, of Enfields from all over Northern India, and I’m still resisting the urge to add to that collection every time I hear one approach.


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