The New MGH Site

A few years ago I made a friend in India who was working as aide to non profit groups which provided help to young girls in Nepal and India who had been sold into human trafficking or lived in impoverished villages and needed better healthcare.
Now she has recently announced the launch of a new web page for The Mandala Girls Home in Nepal, and extension of her own organization The Mandala Freedom Project.

“Mandala Girls’ Home is a home devoted to orphaned girls from rural regions in Western Nepal. There are currently twenty-one girls in the care of the founder and housemother, Purna Gurung, each with their own unique story.

Purna’s mission is clear:
– To find a safe home for the girls to live and grow.
– For each of these girls to receive a quality education from an institution that does not subscribe to
   any form of physical violence towards the students.
– For the girls to attend the same school and not be divided.  

The only way for these girls to receive an education and chance for a new life is through scholarship or sponsorship. Our goal is to make sure they have this opportunity.”

I though this would be nice to share. Please pass it on.
Click here or follow the link


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