Bodhgaya as a Pilgrim

Pilgrim – A person who journeys to a sacred place for religions reasons. (From my Mac dictionary widget)

As a photographer I enjoy Bodhgaya, but given the choice I would not spend my time there to take photos. India is rich with culture and people everywhere, who I could share through photography.

I am drawn to Bodhgaya for its great temple and for the connection I re-establish every year where the Indian prince Siddhartha sat beneath a Bodhi tree and found an answer to suffering of all beings. When I am there, I am a pilgrim. I travel by train and car instead of on foot like the old days, but the goal is the same. It is the connection to the place and the inspiration of what it means to oneself that sets the groundwork for contemplation, philosophy, and religion.

Who knows is I will be around to go there again next year. It is a precious time for me….. and I still have a good time taking shots.


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